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Waterproof Olive

Waterproof Olive

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We understand that it can be quite difficult to decide which material is best suited for yours and your dogs needs so we offer free samples of our materials so you can get a better understanding of the quality and comfort of what it is we have to offer.


The tightly woven fibres make this not only a tough & robust bed, but it’s also resistant to moisture, hair,dirt & even odour.  Nothing clings to the bed, so with a simple wipe of a damp cloth you can have it looking like new again.
This material is 600 denier and is PVC backed 
Waterproof Collection -
With practicality in mind, we're happy for you to throw the mucky cover in the washing machine.  Keep it on a 30 degree wash, then hang up to dry naturally.  Alternatively, wipe the cover, scrub it, hose it, or jet wash it to get it looking new again.