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The Pedigree

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  • Filled with granulated pieces of Memory Foam
  • Ventilation panels on the back to allow air to be released on the bed at a quicker rate
  • decorative grey piping
  • 600 denier material which makes the bed extremely robust and durable
  • Machine washable waterproof cover
Product Description

This is the bed for the dog that needs to get some rest after a busy day.  I mean real rest, the kind that makes him get up and do it all again tomorrow.

Whether a big dog or a small one, young or old they all need a bed that fits them perfectly. This style of bed is filled with granulated 40kg/m3 memory foam. The soft/medium density memory foam reacts to body heat, and offers excellent comfort & support around the muscles & joints. The memory foam is filled directly into an inner case, which is sectioned so that the foam clusters do not move around and gather in any one area.

The Pedigree has a clever Unique ‘Breather’ panel helps the air to escape when pressure is applied.

When grubby, wipe it, sponge it,  or place the cover in the washing machine on a cool wash.

Sizes & Prices

Small | 75cm x 60cm | £60.00
Medium |100cm x 75cm | £70.00
Large | 125cm x 100cm | £80.00
Extra Large | 150cm x 100cm | £90.00

All sizes are approx as our beds are made by hand


Tuff Mutts offer a variety of beds, all of which have memory foam fillings. Whether you decide to buy one filled with granulated foam or an Orthopaedic block, all our memory foam filled beds offer excellent support for your lovable pooch, regardless of their age and size. With a soft / medium density their muscles &  joints will receive the rest they truly need, and fully deserve.

Tough & Robust

For all our waterproof beds we use a 600 Denier Polyester. It's probably one of the toughest beds you'll find.... anywhere! Check out the video on the right to see Rocky (Our Chief Product Tester) putting a Tuff Mutts Waterproof Bed through it's paces. Enjoy :-)

Moisture, Hair, Odour & Dirt Repellent

The tightly woven fibres make this not only a tough & robust bed, but it’s also resistant to moisture, hair,dirt & even odour.  Nothing clings to the bed, so with a simple wipe of a damp cloth you can have it looking like new again.


I think we all agree that dust mites are horrible looking creatures, and they can cause animals a great deal of grief, especially with allergic reactions.  Thankfully our 600 Denier material prevents these pests from setting up home, resulting in peace for everyone!  We should add that Mold & Mildew won't be settling on these either.

Removable Cover

Despite being a snug fit, the covers are easily removed. Where possible we use Velcro to ensure the covers stay secure & watertight around the luxurious Memory Foam Fillings. Some beds in the range do have zips as this cannot be avoided due to the design. Please contact us for further information.

Washing Instructions

With practicality in mind, we're happy for you to throw the mucky cover in the washing machine.  Keep it on a 30 degree wash, then hang up to dry naturally.  Alternatively, wipe the cover, scrub it, hose it, or jet wash it to get it looking new again.  Please don't put the foam interior in the washing machine though.

British Manufactured

We design & manufacture all our beds under one roof in Manchester.  We even cut the foam & fabric, then we stitch it all by ourselves :)


If you live anyway that's classed as UK Mainland, then we won't charge you for delivering your items :-)  We place our trust in a number of courier to deliver your new bed(s), and we aim to get it to you within 7 working days (although it's usually sooner).  You'll receive tracking information once it's left Tuff Mutts HQ. http://www.tuffmutts.co.uk/delivery-zones/


We have an incredible amount of belief in our products, and we're very good at what we do.  We're that confident that we provide a 12 month manufacturer warranty with all our beds.  Please see the T&C's section for specifics.


Sometimes, we can all get it wrong.  If you choose the wrong bed, simply make arrangements to have it returned to us in it's original condition & we'll give you your money back, or change it for the right one. http://www.tuffmutts.co.uk/returns/

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